10G Base-TX Lan Transformer

產品型號: TG-24019SR
產品系列: 新产品系列


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  • 10G Base-TX Lan Transformer for Ethernet Connector

    1. Designed to support 10G Base-T Transceivers

    2. Compliant with IEEE 802.3 standard

    3. Qualified with top 10Gig PHY Manufacturers

    4. RoHs peak reflow temperature rating 250

    5. Low profile package for PCI Express

    6. Fine-tuned magnetics to specific PHY vendore

    7. UL certification: File Number E321120


    1. Turn Ratio(±3%): 1CT: 1CT

    2. Inductance (OCL): 200uH Min @ 100KHz, 100mV

    3. Insertion Loss:

    100KHz: -3.0dB Max

    1-500MHz: -1.0dB Max (-0.6 dB TYP)

    4. Return Loss (Z OUT = 100OHM ± 1%):

    1-40MHz: -18dB Min

    40-500MHz:-30dB Min

    5. Cross Talk:

    1-100MHz: -40dB Min

    100-500MHz: -30dB Min

    6. Common Mode Rejection Ratio:

    1-100MHz: -35dB Min

    100-300MHz: -30dB Min

    360-500MHz: -25dB Min

    7. Common to Differential Mode Rejection:

    1-250MHz: -30dB Min

    250-500MHz: -22dB Min

    8. Hipot Test: 1500Vrms

    9. Operating Temperature Range: -40℃ to +85℃